Training To Thrive

Trainings are often overlooked or undervalued as occasional workplace necessities—mind-numbing information dump sessions dreaded by employees and leaders alike. But the smartest and most successful organizations wouldn’t settle for any such thing. They have learned to leverage quality training programs to support, strengthen and develop their employees, equipping them with the mindset and skills they need to succeed, lead and contribute immeasurably to the organization’s overall strategy and long-term goal achievement.

When It’s Time

A great training program can be ideal for any number of scenarios, including:

  • Required programming. Whether it’s a mandated training, industry-specific in-service, process-oriented safety training, or supervisory training, a quality program will keep you in compliance and out of hot water. You’ll want it to be customized to your unique needs as well as relevant, engaging and memorable to every person in attendance.
  • On-boarding. Training programs for new employees, individually or in groups, can be an invaluable part of a smooth on-boarding process. Why make new hires guess at how best to fit themselves and their talents and knowledge into your company when you could instead ease the transition by actively training them into the culture and systems you’ve created and virtually guaranteeing that they’ll thrive there?
  • Performance management. When many people think of performance management, they think of the perfunctory yearly performance review. But that’s just one piece of an effective performance management system. With a solid training component in place, you can intentionally develop and strengthen employees at all levels, providing the ongoing support they need to consistently perform at their very finest as they—and your organization—grow.
  • Management training. People often fall into middle management positions as companies expand, and they would be well served by formal training to hone skills in managing, coaching and developing employees; giving compelling feedback and handling discipline; resolving conflict; building effective teams; anticipating the unanticipated; and much more.
  • Leadership training. A comprehensive leadership program can turn leaders into visionaries. Top-tier training can show them how to drive change, inspire innovation, and translate simple ideas into brilliant ventures for your organization.
  • Team building and development. When you want a particular board, department, team, or sub-group of your organization to work together more collaboratively and efficiently, training can be ideal. A skilled training facilitator will see threads between members, bridge distinct communication styles, develop mutual understanding, and link systems and processes for a far more connected, cohesive and effective group dynamic.
  • Problem solving. Don’t overlook the value of training to address specific challenges, issues or problems. A great trainer will be able to analyze symptoms, identify hot issues and tailor a program to break down barriers, create workable systems, broaden communication, build relationships and pave the way for success.

How Training Works

A professional training facilitator should be much more than a subject-matter expert. The best will start a conversation with you well before the training to build rapport, learn about the culture of your organization, gain a thorough understanding of your employees, and begin to identify pain points, conflicts, challenges and opportunities.

The facilitator will then design a training program that’s totally tailored to your organization and people and entirely based on what you’re aiming to accomplish. It’s likely to include examples and case studies geared to your industry, role-playing of applicable scenarios and how to handle them, hands-on activities and much more. The training should be an informative, interactive, collaborative session that’s genuinely meaningful and motivating to the participants, and everyone should come away feeling that it was an incredibly wise use of time and resources.

Why Leap?

Leap Solutions doesn’t offer “canned curriculum.” When you work with us, you can be assured that your training program will be industry-specific, entirely customized to meet your needs and goals, and thoroughly engaging from start to finish. From human resources, compliance and succession to organizational development, retreats and team building—you name it, and you can count on Leap to design and deliver one-of-a-kind, focused, high-impact training programs with lasting results.

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