Think of us as master mechanics and yourself as our apprentice.

We’ve got highly specialized tools for fine-tuning your organization—and we’re eager to show you how to make them your own.

Our innovative, effective business management tools enhance efficiency at every level of your organization, from recruiting to improving employee retention to organizational development. They include:

  • Our proprietary Meet2Leap™: an integration of meeting facilitation and technology that dramatically increases the effectiveness of meetings, brainstorming and strategy sessions and organizational productivity
  • PDP™ ProScan™, JobScan™ and TeamScan™: Behavioral DNA measurement systems designed to enhance selection, development and retention of high-performing candidates and employees

With these and other invaluable tools at your disposal—along with the knowledge and know-how to get them working brilliantly for you—you may well put us out of a job! And nothing would make us happier, as your success is our success.


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