A leadership change presents a rare, unparalleled opportunity.

The right person will lead your organization to the next level.

Whether you’re aiming to build momentum, drive change or capitalize on success, we’re here to help you place the ideal leader to make it happen. Partner with Leap Solutions, and we’ll provide the insight and expertise to align your executive search goals with your mission and objectives, identify what you truly want and need from the position, and develop and refine a spot-on job description. 

Our executive recruiters operate with creatively and with candor, drawing on our extensive business and nonprofit connections, industry-specific data and invaluable custom tools such as behavioral DNA measurement systems and candidate evaluation maps. Always mindful of your unique needs, preferences, resources and timeline, we can work with you to identify and launch a search committee; conduct surveys, screenings, interviews and background and reference checks; extend an offer, handle negotiations and complete an employment agreement; support relocation matters; facilitate new-hire orientation and more.

From first-draft job description and posting to onboarding and succession planning, our progressive executive search methodologies and proven track record—combined with our uncompromising ethics—are sure to land your organization a strong, impactful and perfect-fit leader.


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The Leap team is approachable, responsive, down to earth and strong. I initially thought the price tag seemed ridiculous; I figured, we can do this ourselves, we’re smart folks and we’ve been in the industry. I can tell you now, the price was 100% reasonable, the process was transparent and went light years beyond my imagination, and the result is exactly what we want.

Hunt Bailie
Board President, Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, and Owner, Sonoma Adventures Tours & Rentals

We chose the Leap team because of their reputation, strong nonprofit background and national reach. Ours wasn’t an easy search, but they listened extremely well and worked exceptionally hard. They were persistent and thorough, and they maintained an incredible calmness and an appropriate sense of humor. Leap has a small-town friendliness even when they’re playing in a big pond. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and can’t wait for our new CEO to start!

Chris Kittredge
National Board Member, Canine Companions for Independence

The best thing about working with Leap Solutions is that they offer the flexibility and the team to create a custom search process that delivers results. Without such an organized and high-functioning search partner, we would still be looking. Instead, we are excited to welcome our new CEO to her new role and reinvigorate the entire organization under her leadership.

Karissa Kruse
2018-2019 board chair, United Way of the Wine Country, and president, Sonoma County Winegrowers

I wasn’t looking for a job when this opportunity opened up, and I hadn’t written a resume in twelve years. But the team at Leap Solutions knew my passion for this kind of work, and they have supported and championed me at every step along the hiring process and beyond. Now I’m working with my personal heroes and community role models in a position where I get paid to do the very work I’d want to do if I didn’t have to work!

Magali Telles
Executive Director, Los Cien Sonoma County

The Leap team was very good at talking not just about the position, but about the entire process, the organizational culture, and the opportunities that it presented to me and my career. There was no overselling of anything—just honest discussion so that I was informed, prepared and ready not just for the interview but for the job.

Tim Zahner
Executive Director, Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

I was impressed from the start with Leap’s initial take on my resume and screening. They read through the lines really well, had done a fair amount of research, knew my strengths, and asked questions that were on point. They weren’t just pushing someone through the process; they cared a lot about making sure the match was right for both parties. The Leap team has a lot of integrity, class, experience and know-how. On top of that, they’re really kind, good people.

Paige Mazzoni
CEO, Canine Companions for Independence

Leap Solutions has as strong a passion for nonprofit work as we do, and I always feel confident with what they do and how they do it. They’re uniquely in tune with what their clients need, and they know how to match exactly the right person to the right job at the right time.

Lisa Carreño
CEO and president, United Way of the Wine Country, and board member, Los Cien Sonoma County

A quick note to say how incredible I think this process is.  Yes, at times it’s consuming, challenging, uncomfortable, exciting and a myriad of other adjectives. What we are doing is so important to our town, businesses and community and our future and I am so glad to be in the trenches with you all!
Thank you for such commitment and guidance. I look forward to a coming to a decision and a strategic path to the new future…

Lesli John
Search Committee Chair & Board Secretary, Sonoma Valley Visitor's Bureau