Thriving human resources is essential to a thriving organization.

Selecting the best partner for your HR needs is crucial; look no further than Leap Solutions!

Leap Solutions is as committed as you are to keeping your employees healthy, informed, well compensated and properly trained. We can help you address a single pressing HR need, or be your Human Resources outsourcing firm. Our HR consultants can work virtually with you or onsite. Whether you’re looking to streamline your own HR department, create a new employee handbook, perform a benefits review, facilitate a planning retreat, revamp your performance evaluation program, get through a sticky employee-relations issue, or bring in temporary staffing or an interim executive, you can count on Leap Solutions to make it happen. 

Our HR consultants are highly skilled and well connected. We approach your HR needs with candor, compassion and discretion. We’re known for going above and beyond traditional HR to provide organizational development expertise that will drive the positioning of your company as a desirable place to work and help you attract, acquire and retain top talent.

We also specialize in compliance. We have the tools and resources to keep you abreast of highly complex, ever-changing federal, state and local employment and labor laws, and we will collaborate with you to tailor a plan to respond to them with confidence. We can reduce your legal risk, minimize your expenses and deliver the peace of mind that comes with keeping your organization and your people safe and strong.


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We engaged Leap Solutions to help our next generation of leaders develop the skills to lead the firm into the next decade and beyond. We’re now on Year Two of a custom leadership development program with Leap. It’s rewarding and invigorating to align expectations, build relationships and see growth, inspiration and enthusiasm in our next-generation staff members. We also engage with Leap for ongoing HR support to assist with involved situations from a technical standpoint.  It’s incredibly valuable to draw from the expertise and situational experience of Leap advisors whenever and wherever we need it.

Kevin Zucco
SE, LEED AP, Executive Principal, ZFA Structural Engineers

I know just enough about HR to be dangerous; the phenomenal Leap team knows HR forwards and backwards. We initially hired them for an HR audit that included setting up handbooks, hiring and termination packets, and posters, forms and files, and we continue to use them on a consulting basis. I have full confidence and trust in everything they do. I’ve also been on both sides of the recruitment process with Leap. As a candidate, I found them to be proactive, strong communicators who made sure I was fully prepared. As the one hiring, I appreciate that they’re thorough and detail-oriented, and they never waste my time. Every candidate Leap shows me has great potential.

Jon Titus
Director of HR and Finance, Soiland Company

We were short on time, we needed help with HR issues, and we needed someone to discuss growing pains. Cautiously we reached out, and after a few failures we finally found Leap Solutions. We received more than we were asking for with Leap, a team of professionals who helped us plan for the future and listened to our dreams.

Crissy Rudolph-Prokosch
Owner, Rudolph Incorporated

The Leap Solutions team was instrumental in our recent recruiting efforts for our new HR Generalist role. They were an incredible business partner who took the time to understand our company culture and team dynamics in order to find the ideal candidate fit. They also guided us in identifying the key attributes necessary for the Generalist role. Throughout the recruitment process, they were well organized, resourceful and creative. They also assessed our HR needs in order to develop a Road Map for improving key HR functions, and they provided key support in the transition of our new HR Generalist. Leap Solutions has been an invaluable resource to our organization.

Jon Pelleriti
Chief Financial Officer, Wilson Artisan Wines

Working closely with Leap Solutions, YWCA Sonoma County became a much better employer to our team by improving our HR functions, revising outdated policies and partnering to create better models of success. Building rapport with and among our board members resulted in a tangible “go forward” work plan with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities. Everyone at Leap Solutions is a professional with strong business acumen and core values based on mutual respect.

Madeleine Keegan O’Connell
Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Sonoma County