Take stock of where you’re at, determine where you want to go and chart a course to get there sooner than you ever thought possible.

That’s the promise of organizational development with Leap Solutions.

With decades of organizational development experience in a vast range of industries, Leap Solutions’ expert OD consultants can help you revitalize, strengthen and grow your business or nonprofit. Our organizational development consultants can work with you virtually, as well as onsite. We serve all industries and company sizes. Many of our clients are in healthcare, hospitality and tourism, corporate, nonprofits and agriculture.

What makes us different? We take the time to fully and deeply understand the many facets of your unique organization. We then partner with you to clarify your organizational path and design a multi-pronged, custom-tailored, action-oriented plan to inform everything you do, position you to anticipate and respond effectively to change, and continually guide your organization toward fulfilling its mission.

Whether it’s helping you with organizational assessment, program evaluation, team building, strategic planning, succession planning, reorganization, risk assessment, start-up and incorporation or something else, we bring invaluable objectivity, discipline and efficiency to the process. Skilled collaborators, we lend our tried-and-true processes, proven tools and seasoned insights to your organizational development, helping you work to the strengths of your culture, articulate your vision, build consensus and solicit buy-in from stakeholders, motivate and hold your team accountable and celebrate inevitable success.


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Leap Solutions has broadened our lens in order for us to see beyond what we originally envisioned as administrators for our school. They’re diligent listeners who bring valuable outside perspective and legitimacy to our work, and they’ve helped us engage with our many stakeholders and move forward in a truly thoughtful way.  Leap facilitators achieve just the right balance and fluidity between handholding and stepping back, giving us all the guidance and reassurance we need yet empowering us to own the entire process for ourselves.

Julie Barnes, MPA
Administrative Manager, School of Science and Technology, Sonoma State University

We’re a large entity with a diverse set of stakeholders, and Leap Solutions really heard us all, gathered as much information as possible and developed a workable process for progressing through the stages of strategic planning. They then guided that process in a way that felt inclusive and purposeful, and they continue to support us as we move through it with intention. Leap has turned something that once seemed impossibly daunting into something very doable. They’ve helped us reach and clarify our purpose, vision and set of values, articulate them clearly and incorporate them throughout our tactics and strategies so that everything we do as a school is in full alignment with the University as a whole.

Lynn Stauffer
Ph.D., Dean, School of Science and Technology, Sonoma State

I keep coming back to Leap Solutions because they value the work I do, and I see the outcomes of the work they do: growth in managers, enhanced leadership skills, and more and better teamwork. Most recently, Leap facilitated an incredible retreat for my team. With their engaging style and gift for making every individual feel comfortable, the Leap team was once again spot-on in meeting the group where they’re at, really listening, and letting the day flow where it needed to flow to accomplish solid work. It’s a huge commitment to take a team of leaders out of work for a day—you want to know it’s worthwhile and that each participant will get something truly meaningful out of it. Unanimously, my team did.

Vicky Locey
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Executive, Kaiser Permanente

The team at Leap Solutions has the exceptional ability to relate and successfully partner with you and your team. Through their Professional DynaMetric Program and guidance I gained an understanding of how to identify and leverage my strengths as a leader.  Leap then gently and compassionately guided me through the areas I needed a bit of polishing, often the most difficult aspect of tangible growth for a leader. My ability to communicate and successfully engage a diverse team has improved significantly. We are now frequently referred to as a high functioning team and we have the improved morale and productivity to show for it. Thank you Leap for showing me how to Leap to success!

Cheri Vincent
EVS Supervisor, Kaiser Permanente

The retreat Leap facilitated exceeded my expectations on many levels, and I cannot thank them enough for their assistance. The strongest message I got out of this was my need to be more available to my employees. Thinking along those lines, I plan to work again with Leap to really develop a plan to do this. It is very evident to me that for us to proceed to that next level, this is key.

Justin Walling
President, Counterpoint Construction Services

As our company grew rapidly, we realized that doing things in the same way might not be sustainable. We engaged with Leap Solutions to help us assess our internal organization and strategy. We found the Leap team to be very professional, asking us a lot of really good questions in a way that allowed us to open up and uncover and learn things about ourselves that have allowed us to improve training, bridge communication gaps and reinforce our culture. We have had significant results in a very short period of time and continue to work with each other and our teams in a way that has created sustainability and continual improvement. I would recommend Leap Solutions to any company wanting to keep the best of what they currently have and build on it.

Steve Fredricks
President, Turrentine Brokerage

Working closely with Leap Solutions, YWCA Sonoma County became a much better employer to our team by improving our HR functions, revising outdated policies and partnering to create better models of success. Building rapport with and among our board members resulted in a tangible “go forward” work plan with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities. Everyone at Leap Solutions is a professional with strong business acumen and core values based on mutual respect.

Madeleine Keegan O’Connell
Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Sonoma County