Take stock of where you’re at, determine where you want to go and chart a course to get there sooner than you ever thought possible.

That’s the promise of organizational development with Leap Solutions.

With decades of organizational development experience in a vast range of industries, Leap Solutions experts can help you revitalize, strengthen and grow your business, government agency or nonprofit. We take the time to fully and deeply understand the many facets of your unique organization. We then partner with you to clarify your organizational path and design a multi-pronged, custom-tailored, action-oriented plan to inform everything you do, position you to anticipate and respond effectively to change, and continually guide your organization toward fulfilling its mission.

Whether it’s helping you with organizational assessment, team building, strategic planning, succession planning, reorganization, risk assessment, start-up and incorporation or something else, we bring invaluable objectivity, discipline and efficiency to the process. Skilled collaborators, we lend our tried-and-true processes, proven tools and seasoned insights to your organizational development, helping you work to the strengths of your culture, articulate your vision, build consensus and solicit buy-in from stakeholders, motivate and hold your team accountable and celebrate inevitable success.