There’s good recruiting—matching the perfect candidates to their ideal jobs.

And then there’s whole-culture, forward-looking, Leap-style recruiting.

You can truly count on Leap Solutions as your expert recruitment outsourcing firm. We know that every great hire, at every level, has the potential to dramatically boost the success of an organization. That’s why, when we source candidates, our recruiters look well past the obvious (the right skills, experience and talents for a position) to the intangibles, including personality, motivation, values and ethics, curiosity and insight, potential and more. The talent we place should not only fit into but enhance your culture so that your new hire and your organization will thrive together, now and well into the future. 

We also know that caring for your employees—taking the initiative to develop and cultivate them by providing continuing opportunities to learn and grow—is a vital part of recruitment. When you engage with Leap Solutions, you’ll gain the insight, tools and know-how to adapt and evolve with industry trends; see individual employees beyond their given job titles and keep them happy, engaged and challenged; minimize turnover and avoid talent shortages and surpluses; and enjoy healthy, sustainable progress as an organization.


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The Leap team is very competent, high energy and collaborative, and they helped us put together an administration team retreat where we learned how to drive our mission forward, recognize our talents and develop our strengths, and understand how to build stronger, more global working relationships. Leap also assisted us with recruiting for a key position. I went into the process with a set level of expectations, and Leap met them and went well beyond. They have tremendous experience helping you drill down what to focus on and what you’re looking for, develop a valuable and succinct timeline, and get what you’re paying for and much more.

Laura Held
President, Cardinal Newman High School

I know just enough about HR to be dangerous; the phenomenal Leap team knows HR forwards and backwards. We initially hired them for an HR audit that included setting up handbooks, hiring and termination packets, and posters, forms and files, and we continue to use them on a consulting basis. I have full confidence and trust in everything they do. I’ve also been on both sides of the recruitment process with Leap. As a candidate, I found them to be proactive, strong communicators who made sure I was fully prepared. As the one hiring, I appreciate that they’re thorough and detail-oriented, and they never waste my time. Every candidate Leap shows me has great potential.

Jon Titus
Director of HR and Finance, Soiland Company

Leap Solutions has as strong a passion for nonprofit work as we do, and I always feel confident with what they do and how they do it. They’re uniquely in tune with what their clients need, and they know how to match exactly the right person to the right job at the right time.

Lisa Carreño
CEO and president, United Way of the Wine Country, and board member, Los Cien Sonoma County

The Leap Solutions team was instrumental in our recent recruiting efforts for our new HR Generalist role. They were an incredible business partner who took the time to understand our company culture and team dynamics in order to find the ideal candidate fit. They also guided us in identifying the key attributes necessary for the Generalist role. Throughout the recruitment process, they were well organized, resourceful and creative. They also assessed our HR needs in order to develop a Road Map for improving key HR functions, and they provided key support in the transition of our new HR Generalist. Leap Solutions has been an invaluable resource to our organization.

Jon Pelleriti
Chief Financial Officer, Wilson Artisan Wines