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What are the actions in your plan when no one seems to be applying? All successful recruiting strategies have one critical element among them – they all have a plan.



All successful recruiting strategies have one critical element among them – they all have a plan. At Leap Solutions, we customize a plan for every recruitment.  It would be simple to post an opportunity and then sit back and wait for all the applicants to flow in…. but we all know in this job market that will not lead to success.

What are the actions in your plan when no one seems to be applying, applicants are non-responsive, candidates are reevaluating work/life balance, and others are voicing concerns about returning to an unknown future?

Recruiting Strategies

Here are a few basic steps to structure the components of your plan:

  1. Treat candidates like customers by nurturing them.
  2. Improve the candidate experience through proactive communication from start to finish.
  3. Take time to brand your company. This is an excellent passive recruitment sourcing strategy. Use social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter – to post positions and engage with candidates. Passive recruitment targets potential candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a new role, but become enticed to apply based on your company website and social media branding.
  4. Implement an employee referral program. Employee referrals can reduce your time to hire, improve your quality of hire and increase your retention rate.
  5. Engage passive candidates. These are candidates who aren’t necessarily looking but can be found without posting traditional ads.
  6. Include past applicants and past employees as potential candidates. Use the talent pipeline you worked hard to build the first time around.

    Create compelling job postings.

    a. Showcase dynamic summaries that get candidates excited about the role.

    b. Ask and answer – “How does the position fit into the organization?”

    c. Highlight your values and culture, which can be your most important asset.

    d. Design jobs with realistic requirements

    e. Touch on succession and/or career development opportunities – topics at the top of a candidate’s list when looking
    for a new role.

  7. Source via hiring events including in-person and online events; job fairs, venue rentals, and virtual events. Don’t forget to advertise these events via posting ads, newsletters, and your website.
  8. Source laid-off workers. It’s important to gain an understanding of why these workers are hesitant about the future. Today’s candidates are focused on work/life balance, offering flexible working conditions, mental wellness, and desire transparency when it comes to potential salaries.
  9. Focus on financial and physical wellness, and company culture, offer honesty and transparency throughout the hiring process. Candidates often turn down offers based on the company culture. They might initially take the offer, but continue to search for new opportunities.


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