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By Jen Chelini


At Leap Solutions we believe in a partnership between our clients and us for recruiting the best-fit hires. When hiring an employee, we all want to get it right the first time around. In our newsletter this month, we share our “why” for your next great hire.


In this issue of our newsletter:

  • Applications
  • Reference Checks
  • Background Checks


I believe we can all agree that when hiring an employee, we want to get it right the first time around. It is more effective to take the time ahead of hire to do a little more work to know/understand who someone is, rather than jump quickly to hire them only to find out they are not a cultural fit, leaving us to have to deal with a bad hire.

Why exactly do we want prospects to fill out applications? Why do we want to conduct reference checks? Why conduct background checks?

Here are some key points that highlight why the Candidate Discovery process is crucial to the hiring process:




    1. Screening Candidates: Applications offer more detailed and structured information than resumes, enabling recruiters to assess whether candidates meet job qualifications.
    2. Legal Documents: Applications serve as legal agreements that authorize various checks and acknowledgments related to employment terms and attesting to the truth and accuracy of information by the applicant.
    3. Mitigating Discrimination: Standardized applications help prevent bias by presenting consistent information across candidates, reducing the potential for discriminatory judgments.
    4. Information Organization: Applications consolidate essential details for efficient candidate evaluation, saving time and effort during the hiring process.
    5. Compliance: For government contractors, applications aid in collecting required information like race, gender, ethnicity, disability, and military service for Affirmative Action Plans.



Reference Checks

    1. Second Opinion: Reference checks offer insights from individuals who have worked closely with the candidate, providing additional perspectives beyond the candidate’s self-presentation.
    2. Job Fit Assessment: References can provide information about a candidate’s compatibility with the team, boss, and company culture.
    3. Verification of Information: References can confirm and clarify details on a candidate’s resume, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.
    4. Identifying Red Flags: Inconsistencies or negative indicators from references can alert recruiters to potential issues or exaggerations in the candidate’s background.
    5. Gauging Performance: References can provide examples of the candidate’s past accomplishments, teamwork abilities, leadership skills, and overall performance.
    6. Cultural Fit: Reference checks can reveal how well the candidate collaborated with others, adapted to changes, and contributed to team dynamics.



Background Checks

    1. Ensuring Accuracy and Completeness: Applicants may not always provide accurate or complete information on their applications. Background checks verify the details provided, such as employment and education history.
    2. Hiring the Right People: Background checks help employers hire the most qualified candidates, leading to improved productivity and a stronger workforce.
    3. Holistic View: Background screenings provide a more comprehensive understanding of candidates by verifying their claims, and ensuring accurate and complete information.
    4. Enhancing Safety: Background checks help identify potential issues like criminal history, reducing risks related to theft, harassment, and safety concerns.
    5. Reputation Management: By uncovering relevant information, background checks help protect a company’s reputation and brand image.
    6. Risk Management: Negligent hiring or retention lawsuits can be prevented by conducting background checks to validate candidates’ suitability for risk-sensitive positions.


At Leap Solutions Group we believe in a partnership between our clients and us for accurate and best-fit hires and we highly recommend candidates complete applications, as we conduct reference and background checks. Breaking down the rationale behind these recruitment steps demonstrates the multifaceted benefits they bring to organizations. An in-depth understanding of these benefits can help HR professionals make informed decisions during the candidate discovery process, leading to better hires and more effective recruitment strategies, while also reducing the risk of potential liabilities and/or legal issues.





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