Recruitment Beyond The Job

When many of us think of recruiting, we think of matching perfect candidates to their ideal jobs. It’s incredibly satisfying to put the right people into positions where they—and the companies that hire them—will thrive. But proactive organizations know that recruiting can be so much more: it can be a vital, ongoing way to ensure your current and future success and sustainability as an organization.

Caring for your employees—taking the initiative to actively develop and cultivate them by providing continuing opportunities to learn and grow—is what recruitment is all about, and it can and should be an integral component to many vital functions of your organization, including:

Staff planning. With a solid recruitment strategy, you will be continually forecasting your staffing needs in light of your short-term and long-range goals. By staying attuned to business trends, both within your organization and in the industry, you’re likely to avoid panic hirings as well as layoffs.  Instead of being reactionary, your hiring and training decisions will be thoughtful and intentional.

You’ll have the foresight and wherewithal to place only the best people who fit beautifully into your culture and contribute the skills and talents you need and want.


Transition planning. Change is inevitable: job requirements evolve with technology; employees relocate or retire; and organizational needs and industries invariably shift. Progressive recruitment can help your organization to prepare for and effectively respond and adapt to times of transition. Whether you’re looking at new or expanded employee roles or even redeployment and layoffs, you can use recruitment efforts to assess needs, minimize stress, and ease the impact on your organization and its people. These might include

 retraining employees to acquire necessary new skills or incorporating individual or group career coaching into severance packages for displaced employees who could benefit from topics ranging from establishing their next move to conducting job searches and writing resumes. Nothing shows your people that you genuinely care more than supporting them and their peers through smooth and successful change.

Retention strategy. Invest in your employees’ careers and their career development, and those employees reward you with loyalty and growth. When recruitment is a part of your organization’s retention plan, people and positions remain relevant, and commitment and performance are bolstered. By determining individuals’ career preferences and pathways, arranging for focused coaching and training, and providing the resources they need to excel, you show that you respect and value your workers, and you enable them to stay current, productive and innovative.

Succession planning. Recruitment should always be a part of succession planning, because organizations flourish when emerging leaders are recognized and empowered. Always keeping an eye to the future, smart organizations predict which leadership positions will be opening up, identify potential candidates, and provide the training,

career development, coaching, mentoring and advancement opportunities that will stretch them to where you envision them and where they want to be.


Nurturing Your Greatest Assets

To see recruitment as a vital piece of each of these processes requires new thinking and a longer-term vision. Leap Solutions can get you there! We know you care deeply about your employees; let us help you deliver the service and support to back that caring up. Highly experienced and skilled at all things recruiting, we give you the insight, tools and know-how to:

  • Identify industry trends and determine what in your organization may become obsolete, how your employees can adapt and evolve, and how best to support them as they do;
  • See in-house talent and potential that you may be unintentionally overlooking or neglecting and keep your current employees happy, engaged and challenged;
  • Source quality candidates for potential new hires;
  • Minimize turnover and avoid talent shortages and surpluses;
  • And tap resources, streamline your recruitment processes and work toward healthy, sustainable growth.

As an organization, your people are your greatest asset. When you begin to see individual employees well beyond their given job titles, your organization will realize the immeasurable value of investing time, energy and money toward unlocking their limitless potential.

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