HR2Leap: We’ve Got You!

Leap Solutions recently launched HR2Leap, a thriving new program offering HR consultation, guidance and coaching services to organizations of all sizes and industries. We’re thrilled with the reception and proud of the difference we’re already making for the many clients who have taken the leap into HR2Leap.

When you engage with HR2Leap, we become your seasoned partner, your trusted resource and your invaluable guide for any and all HR matters.


In a Nutshell

Our HR2Leap packages provide top-quality HR without the expense of hiring a full team. For immediate relief and long-term support, HR2Leap is completely flexible and entirely customized to your unique business needs, goals and budget. Simply select a package—5, 10 or 15 hours per quarter—and count on us to keep you covered with just the right HR essentials and expertise.


Making Things Better

New and existing clients are leveraging HR2Leap services in their own creative ways and for all sorts of situations:

  • New Hires. A small (but growing!) family-owned business with no in-house HR person took advantage of HR2Leap for support when hiring a few new employees. We contributed expertise and insight on industry- and market-competitive compensation and benefit packages and offer letters, as well as things they might not have even considered, such as the value of employment contracts, introductory periods and more.
  • Leave of Absence. Another client, a larger organization, reached out to HR2Leap with a delicate employee-relations issue they hadn’t before encountered. An employee had been absent for several days, and productivity was suffering. While in-house HR was aware of new laws regarding leaves of absence, they weren’t entirely sure how to navigate them. The employer of course wanted to stay compliant, but they were also obliged to meet operational needs. Savvy and discreet, the experts at Leap helped the employer understand which laws were applicable and how they worked in this particular circumstance, communicate with the individual employee productively and respectfully, and implement solutions that protect both the employee and the organization.

  • Performance Management. HR2Leap was an ideal resource for a medium-sized company with an employee who was demonstrating performance issues and behavioral problems but also happened to be experiencing a serious medical condition. The employer knew that there are employee protections in place for such a circumstance but felt unclear about the most appropriate and mutually beneficial way to broach the unavoidable discussion and securely handle the matter. With our depth of knowledge and experience, we were able to help the client consider the impact and possibilities of various scenarios, understand unfamiliar terms and, most importantly, minimize risk while maximizing success.



  • A small medical practice enlisted HR2Leap services when an employee on standard pregnancy leave requested an extension. We worked together to help our client know and exercise employer rights and determine whether they had the abilities and resources to make necessary accommodations.
    Meantime, further complications arose for the employee, and the situation developed into a disability case. We equipped the client with a solid understanding of pertinent employment law, the means to assess current and future risk, and the knowledge and flexibility to adequately and fairly meet the needs of all parties while maintaining compliance throughout the process.

There’s no way to successfully Google Search the countless tricky, unexpected situations that inevitably arise in HR. But no matter how unusual or complex the scenario, clients can rely on their Leap partners to capably and confidently walk them through it.


Peace of Mind

From on-the-job injuries or property damage to employee discipline and terminations, and from workers’ compensation claims to workplace harassment and discrimination investigations, the highly skilled Leap Solutions team has the experience, has the answers and has you covered with decades of HR expertise in countless industries.

What our HR2Leap clients appreciate most is the tremendous peace of mind in knowing the Leap team is at their service and at their convenience. They can use their 5, 10 or 15 hours however they like—10-15 minutes here, an hour there; by email, text, phone or in person. We’re an ever-ready sounding board and constant source of reliable, up-to-date information, resources and customized solutions.

You’ve seen what HR2Leap can do and how it has already benefitted some of our clients—imagine what it could do for you!



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